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The Town of Sea Bright is located on a barrier peninsula, bordered to the west by the convergence of the Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Views are breathtaking. The down side to all this water is that it tends to rise during the winter months and, under certain weather conditions, the river flow is retarded by northeast winds, resulting in flooding.

The beach widening efforts of 2000 thru 2004 by the Army Corp of Engineers have gone a long way toward stabilizing the area. Sea Bright Real Estate is, for the most part, unaffordable, unless you're looking for a condominium or town house.

Sea Bright Real Estate had a net tax valuation in 2003 of $199,000.00 per unit. According to the Monmouth County Planning Board Statistics, 50% of housing units in Sea Bright are parts of structures containing ten or more units (condominiums). The oceanfront has a large number of private beach clubs, which benefited from the beach widening efforts.

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